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From €10,000 to €1 million in 24 hours to invest in your online marketing campaigns

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Your offer in 24 hours

Pre-approval en real time. You receive your offer in less than 24 hours

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You pay back at your own pace

The repayment period adapts to the pace at which you are selling (“Ritmo” actually means ‘pace’ in Spanish!).

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Friendly :)

Don’t dilute

No dilution. No personal guarantees. No audits. No down-payments

How does Ritmo work?


Connect your accounts

Connect your sales and your marketing accounts to Ritmo’s prediction engine

conecta tus cuentas

Choose your offer

Choose the most convenient payback rate and get up to 1 million Euros in less than 24 hours

lije tu oferta

Pay at your own pace

Pay a small percentage of your sales income until the amount is paid back. If your sales fall, the financing period is extended. No additional costs

paga a tu ritmo

We accelerate the growth of your Ecommerce

We’re the ally of ecommerce companies that are in periods of growth

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Revenue based finance

Reinventing financing for digital startups

As an entrepreneur you deserve a better way of financing your business: fast, 100% online, flexible and transparent.

No more diluting and losing control of your company with private capital funds and no more providing personal guarantees in overly-long processes with traditional banks.

We know what it is like to be an entrepreneur and that’s why we want to change things.

A flat fee with no surprises and no hidden costs, as well as no set due date for payback since we adapt to the pace of your sales.

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Businesses that we finance

At Ritmo we provide financing for digital marketing companies’ digital marketing campaigns to help them grow without the need for dilution, providing money they need to invest in Google and Facebook


Online shops that sell digital goods or services

D2C Online Brands

Native digital brands that directly sell to consumers without going through traditional retail routes


Platforms that sell goods from multiple suppliers to their clients

Coming soon...

Apps and video games

Applications and video games, free or paid, with in-app payments


Software as a Service sold through a license or subscription model

Subscription models

Business models based on premium content, subscription boxes or recurring services

Ritmo number 5

Ritmo and gender equality

We decide if we are going to finance you based on the performance of your business, not your gender or your contact network.

"In the United States female entrepreneurs receive less than 3% of all venture funding, even though they lead almost 40% of the country’s businesses"

Source: Harvard Business Review

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Revenue Based Finance

The 10 advantages of financing your startup with Ritmo

Ritmo es la forma más rápida, sencilla y friendly para hacer crecer tu negocio financiando tus campañas de marketing online.

How Ritmo works
Revenue Based Finance

How Ritmo works

Ritmo is a revenue-based finance platform that provides the best option for financing online marketing campaigns in digital companies.

The birth of Ritmo, the Revenue Based Finance platform
Revenue Based Finance

The birth of Ritmo, the Revenue Based Finance platform

Ritmo sets out to respond to a growing need among startups when it comes to getting funding.